Quantum entanglement, Compassion and How to thread a needle…

Maybe this is a¬†traditional diary style blog, recording the very¬†first part of Friday 16th February 2018.¬† For here I am recording, that¬†which I awoke to,¬†after dreaming¬†about the horrific smell of someone cooking.¬† Obviously I did NOT¬†want to return to sleep!¬† Hubby gets me a cuppa, passes this laptop and kisses me “Bye, I love you” and goes off to work (he has to leave early to drive nearly an hour to get there).¬† The posts on what I¬†satirically¬†call Farceblock, are from beloved [Friend]s and include such a range of subjects:¬†¬†How to thread a needle by rubbing the thread on the palm of your hand with the eye end, Quantum entanglement and plenty about the lack of compassion in the world…¬†and I read them.

The day lays before me to decide how to proceed.¬† I’m one of the most fortunate, as¬†I live in¬†a house I’ve made a home, that others today all over the planet are less fortunate to have.¬† I know¬†how that is¬†after briefly tasting homelessness and¬†can still recall that [torn empty and outside on the pavement] feeling.¬† I have¬†such¬†freedom of¬†choice, because I’m not tied to the needs of providing.¬† How fortunate¬†I feel to¬†be me and for that I am thankful.¬† Therefore,¬†gratefulness starts my day and I can and often¬†choose to start¬†each of my days believing in:¬† Kindness of strangers, hope for my family and humanity, the desire to¬†work towards being compassionate towards myself and others.¬† For each day can be a mix just like the posts on Farceblock.¬† Some will¬†be a happy stitch in time, some will show the wonders of the universe¬†in detail and some will¬†ask¬†of us things¬†which¬†we will not know the answer, calling us to such compassion.¬†¬†CatchToday I turned on Farceblock as I was willing to face (just for a moment) that which is put before me (other days I will not turn the laptop on at all).¬†¬†Willing and¬†hopeful, that my heart would not be caught up in¬†a web of thought that I’d have¬†to work through or see something aweful¬†that I’d use against myself,¬†to steal my own peace with.

I imagine we all have things that trigger stressful thoughts.  My wish is that those things help to change the world towards [Kindness], but for those sensitive souls that are already working on being kinder, that they find something worth gleaning in their situation perhaps from nature.  That within their moments, these natural things will counteract the dreadful unkind heebeegeebees.  Bless your cotton socks.

Fail to a kinder life

Road of successThere are times and times again, when failure to live up to expectations will happen.¬† I think this is another reason to hate labels, even and perhaps especially the “Good” ones!¬† There’s¬†so many¬†ways of looking at doing¬†stuff and here’s a few:

  1. Aim low, achieve those goals and declare ourselves inadequate.
  2. Aim high for when¬†we miss we’ll be among the super¬†stars (many a true word spoken in jest).
  3. Wait for inspiration, but not too long (time waits for no one). ‚Ćö
  4. Try, even if a fictional character says “… there is no try”, because actually there is and see it is¬†here:¬†“Try” and as mother¬†said ‘Just do your best’.

So I am the one that sometimes waits for inspiration and then goes ahead and tries (I can be very trying¬†at times¬†apparently) and¬†if any label should be placed upon me, please let it be:¬† An attempter,¬†sticking on the bumpy track to a kinder life. ūüēäÔłŹ

Conscientious neglect

Flower basketMany a day over the last few years in fact,¬†I’ve termed parts of my garden as: “Full of high biodiversity using¬†conscientious neglect”.¬† Oh how it had an appeal to my student mind.¬† Truth be told I’ve felt¬†busy,¬†sometimes been agitated to do other pressing environmental things and¬†life’s¬†been interspersed with distressing¬†moments (as it is with many people I’m sure).¬† ¬†

So what if¬†hanging baskets got a bit dry, courgettes ending up as marrows¬†and parts of the garden¬†being completely¬†left to nature.¬† Those things of¬†beloved nature¬†have been¬†doing a grand¬†and¬†natural job.¬† However, spring is approaching and in places I’m clawing back¬†space for us to be included in the mix again, and of course as always I will¬†be using all my experience and knowledge of permaculture principles.



I’ve found gardening with natureūüĆŅconnects¬†me happily¬†to the Earth and the other creaturesūüźĺ upon it.¬† Making things for the home, mending‚ôĽ crafting and living a frugal life is all part of self kindness.¬† Having lived thus far, I seem to have gleaned some pretty amazing things I’m happy to¬†share.¬† Therefore, I’m writing and will start to ūüďĖ¬†self publish.¬†¬†This top blog post is sticky and therefore will appear above¬†more recent¬†posts.