Writer, self employed painter 🎨 and 🐞wildlife friendly 🐛no-dig 🐜permaculture 🐝organic 🌻 gardener.  Academically I’ve a BSc. (Hons) and MSc. in Environmental Conservation and Management earned as a “Mature” student, whilst doing care work.  I live quite frugally, craft and love to dive into skips when allowed to find materials to upcycle.  My current home is a post war semi, on an estate built for the council by cowboys.  My dream is to take on a modest property with a few acres to bring it back to life for 🐜🐛 nature 🐝🐞.  An attempter at a kinder life, unto others, other sentient beings and myself and have been volunteering for a global humanitarian charity 🚑 for a few years now.

Born into a village full of thatch quaintness, our family home was an end terrace, that started out as a shop.  We bathed in the kitchen and the house was cluttered, as mum dRJane Bowenid art and craft in her “Studio” for holiday money caravanning by the seaside.  Dad was a retired navy officer who quietly pottered around the garden or did DIY in the cellar.  He lovingly called meJenny Wren I think because I was such a small, pasty looking child, while others called me‘r JaneSince then I’m not so small or pasty and have lived, sometimes in rather grand places and other times not.  Roamed and settled, roamed and settled…

My nature is hermit with a sprinkling of 🎭 extrovert, as I think up poems, take photos of nature and 💃love to dance.  I want to share some of the things I’ve learnt and gleaned over the years, so I write.  Self publishing soon the first of four seasonal books with an eclectic mix.  I hope to earn some money towards My dream.

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