Spread, Bread and garden

Details, details, details if you want to know:  There was a spare soya milk carton with just a bit taken from the top for a cuppa tea.  So I put it in a pan with some vinegar and salt and warmed it gently as I was kneading some bread dough.  You see, I like to get the bread making to the last loaf stage of rising, then go out and garden for a bit.  This loaf was as usual in my kitchen, an experiment just like the soya spread.  In the dough I had included a whole pack of pumpkin seeds (about a mug full) and some hot fajita style seasoning.  I put the soya mix in a clean cloth dangling from the tap to let the liquid drain and went out to cut back the hedge, clip some yellow raspberry canes and potter around.  I came in, took my boots off, scrubbed my hands and put the kettle on for a nice fruity tea.  Only when I was ready to pop that loaf in the oven, it was so huge I had to put the shelf down to get it in!  I sat down to drink the tea, ponder nature and write.  Soon the smell of the bread wafted in and the kitchen called me back.  I spiced the spread (which was looking similar to cream cheese) with some chopped garlic sprouts from a pot in the window and curry powder.  The sun was out for a bit,  so all in all it was a grand day and there was some yum in there too.

Once in a Blue Moon

Tonight the full moon is called a Blue Moon, but you don’t have to wait for a Blue Moon to see a huge moon.¬† As long as you watch the moon as it rises¬†or sets on the horizon.¬† When it is a full moon, it is said to be a good night to plant and if nothing else, it is lighter by the reflection of the sun on this beautiful, universal, fellow traveller.Moon

The moon down near the horizon can look enormous due to an optical illusion.

Edge Mound

Over¬†forty years ago, along the north side of¬†the garden,¬†hubby’s¬†family dumped tree trunks and¬†covering them with¬†rough stone filled sod.¬† Hubby did a lot of the work and it now stands around four feet high and is covered in native plants.¬† This forward thinking now¬†protects the garden from the worst of the north blown winds, rain water run off from the field and some of the noise from the road.Edge Mound



I’ve found gardening with natureūüĆŅconnects¬†me happily¬†to the Earth and the other creaturesūüźĺ upon it.¬† Making things for the home, mending‚ôĽ crafting and living a frugal life is all part of self kindness.¬† Having lived thus far, I seem to have gleaned some pretty amazing things I’m happy to¬†share.¬† Therefore, I’m writing and will start to ūüďĖ¬†self publish.¬†¬†This top blog post is sticky and therefore will appear above¬†more recent¬†posts.