Facets of a cry

It isn’t just the theatre that does this, but when we feel it is necessary, we hide our authentic self and use masks of what others want us to be.Ā  SomeĀ feel they have to maskĀ up all the time.Ā  Others feel there’s no time like the present to be who they really are and tell it like they see it.Ā  There’s middle ground in all things, but when the masks break…Ā  Facets of a cry




I’ve found gardening with naturešŸŒæconnectsĀ me happilyĀ to the Earth and the other creaturesšŸ¾ upon it.Ā  Making things for the home, mendingā™» crafting and living a frugal life is all part of self kindness.Ā  Having lived thus far, I seem to have gleaned some pretty amazing things I’m happy toĀ share.Ā  Therefore, I’m writing and will start to šŸ“–Ā self publish.Ā Ā This top blog post is sticky and therefore will appear aboveĀ more recentĀ posts.