Gentleman’s Buttonhole

Kerria japonicaBetween winter and spring is¬†a great time to¬†trim what mother used to call Gentleman’s Buttonhole species:¬†Kerria japonica.¬† All the long sticks are potential new plants.¬† I’ve pushed plenty part way into a huge pot of well used damp compost and a few into a garden clients border.¬† It’s such¬†a beautiful shrub of pretty yellow orange pompom flowers and one of hubby’s favourites.


Conscientious neglect

Flower basketMany a day over the last few years in fact,¬†I’ve termed parts of my garden as: “Full of high biodiversity using¬†conscientious neglect”.¬† Oh how it had an appeal to my student mind.¬† Truth be told I’ve felt¬†busy,¬†sometimes been agitated to do other pressing environmental things and¬†life’s¬†been interspersed with distressing¬†moments (as it is with many people I’m sure).¬† ¬†

So what if¬†hanging baskets got a bit dry, courgettes ending up as marrows¬†and parts of the garden¬†being completely¬†left to nature.¬† Those things of¬†beloved nature¬†have been¬†doing a grand¬†and¬†natural job.¬† However, spring is approaching and in places I’m clawing back¬†space for us to be included in the mix again, and of course as always I will¬†be using all my experience and knowledge of permaculture principles.



I’ve found gardening with natureūüĆŅconnects¬†me happily¬†to the Earth and the other creaturesūüźĺ upon it.¬† Making things for the home, mending‚ôĽ crafting and living a frugal life is all part of self kindness.¬† Having lived thus far, I seem to have gleaned some pretty amazing things I’m happy to¬†share.¬† Therefore, I’m writing and will start to ūüďĖ¬†self publish.¬†¬†This top blog post is sticky and therefore will appear above¬†more recent¬†posts.