Fail to a kinder life

Road of successThere are times and times again, when failure to live up to expectations will happen.  I think this is another reason to hate labels, even and perhaps especially the “Good” ones!  There’s so many ways of looking at doing stuff and here’s a few:

  1. Aim low, achieve those goals and declare ourselves inadequate.
  2. Aim high for when we miss we’ll be among the super stars (many a true word spoken in jest).
  3. Wait for inspiration, but not too long (time waits for no one). ⌚
  4. Try, even if a fictional character says “… there is no try”, because actually there is and see it is here: “Try” and as mother said ‘Just do your best’.

So I am the one that sometimes waits for inspiration and then goes ahead and tries (I can be very trying at times apparently) and if any label should be placed upon me, please let it be:  An attempter, sticking on the bumpy track to a kinder life. 🕊️