Spread, Bread and garden

Details, details, details if you want to know:  There was a spare soya milk carton with just a bit taken from the top for a cuppa tea.  So I put it in a pan with some vinegar and salt and warmed it gently as I was kneading some bread dough.  You see, I like to get the bread making to the last loaf stage of rising, then go out and garden for a bit.  This loaf was as usual in my kitchen, an experiment just like the soya spread.  In the dough I had included a whole pack of pumpkin seeds (about a mug full) and some hot fajita style seasoning.  I put the soya mix in a clean cloth dangling from the tap to let the liquid drain and went out to cut back the hedge, clip some yellow raspberry canes and potter around.  I came in, took my boots off, scrubbed my hands and put the kettle on for a nice fruity tea.  Only when I was ready to pop that loaf in the oven, it was so huge I had to put the shelf down to get it in!  I sat down to drink the tea, ponder nature and write.  Soon the smell of the bread wafted in and the kitchen called me back.  I spiced the spread (which was looking similar to cream cheese) with some chopped garlic sprouts from a pot in the window and curry powder.  The sun was out for a bit,  so all in all it was a grand day and there was some yum in there too.